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A rapid website creation kit to help you deliver digital experiences to your users quickly.

AEM Tapestry is a module built to accelerate website production with Adobe Experience Manager. With AEM Tapestry, marketers and website editors can deploy responsive websites quickly without IT involvement.

  • For Marketers

  • Start your website creation without IT involvement. Assemble your web pages with as many components as you want. Apply a theme to complete the look and feel.
  • For Digital Agencies

  • Manage multiple websites across multiple markets with agility. Instant wireframing with your creative team. Run concurrent work streams with content population and development.
  • For Developers

  • Accelerate development with pre-tested components. Focus on implementing business logic rather than layouts and alignment. Use AEM Tapestry to develop proof-of-concepts quickly.
Quick start your website in Adobe Experience Manager with AEM Tapestry.

We provide a flexible, turnkey solution to give you a headstart in delivering digital experiences to your website audience. Streamline your work processes and reduce turnaround time for your websites.

  • Instant Setup

  • One-click install and you are ready to create your first website within minutes.
  • Concurrent Work Streams

  • Start content population for your website before the designs are ready.
  • Website Creation Wizard

  • 3-step interface to guide you on setting up your website structure in AEM.
  • Flexible Templates

  • Achieve typical web page layouts with merely 3 templates and 10 components, at unlimited use.
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Accelerated digital experience with Adobe Experience Manager + AEM Tapestry