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Web Experience Management Solutions
At Annotate, we are fervent advocates of the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM, previously CQ5) platform. Having undertaken development of it prior to Adobe’s acquisition of Day Software, we have an uncanny understanding of the platform, its capabilities and what it can achieve for your organization.

The AEM platform is a dynamic content and asset management suite that gives your business a powerful rein over marketing and content management functions and your customers satisfying digital experiences. Featuring user-friendly authoring, publishing and administration tools, businesses can now deliver seamless branding campaigns with direct reach to target markets and effortlessly manage their online brand presence to create remarkable end-user experiences. From design to development, Annotate provides site and digital asset management implementation, seamless platform upgrading as well as comprehensive staff training services.

On top of standard platform development tools, our professional team is adept in implementing large-scale data migration and multi-platform integration projects incorporating Adobe Marketing Cloud, which boosts target market interactions, increases customer conversion and provides precise analyses of your marketing activities.

While we specialize in AEM to provide one-stop implementation services, we welcome collaboration with development teams or agencies in solutions that work best for your organization. After all, the ability to change is the first step to greater achievements.
Application Design & Delivery
Our team is versed in the design and implementation of targeted content and marketing solutions. From basic email, database and e-commerce platforms, reliable intra- and extranet portals to intuitive web and mobile applications, we support your business functions with streamlined yet robust enterprise solutions for efficient system integration.
Agile Project Management
At Annotate, we ascribe to the agile principles of communication, delivery and excellence in agile project management, facilitating workflow discussions, generating innovative ideas and delivering quality solutions that address real, specific needs.

Harnessing the strengths of the Scrum framework and backed by solid project management knowledge and experience, our team responds to your business’ needs with quick turnarounds and effective solutions, essential requirements to achieving business goals in fast-paced business arenas. You can expect higher productivity and service quality, enhancing stakeholder satisfaction and motivation, which results in a continual cycle of innovation that keeps your business in the forefront.